Roots part 2

May you roots go long and deep and also widen everyday.  Just as a healthy plant, we need to have a growing root system to keep us healthy and thriving.  The other day I pulled out a basil plant from our garden.  The frost had made the leaves and stem turned brown and crunchy.  It didn't appear to be alive anymore and had become an eyesore in the garden.  As I pulled it out of the ground I was amazed at how tightly it was stuck.  The dirt was trying to pull it back.  I really had to tug and use my hands to loosen the dirt around it.  When I finally freed the plant from the dirt and saw  the root system being freed, I gasped.  It ran almost all the way across the raised garden bed.  The root ran in all directions. It wasn't just one piece but many pieces interconnected.  So how is this plant like a human?  We also have a root system.  One that is started for us in our dna. It continues with our family heritage. Added to by our experiences and influences. Increased by our choice…

Roots part 1

While exploring this weekend, I found a great old tree to lean against and watch the world go by.  This tree had a widespread root system.  Both underground and on top of it. To survive it needs this large root system. Without it, it would fall over, not be fed, and die.  This is like us.  The parts of us that are "underground" feed us nutrients.  These nutrients  come from our family heritage, our environment,  our experiences, and our community.   However, what about the parts of us that show above the surface?  These are what show to the world.  How we present ourselves to others.  Where do these come from? Partly from the same place as the underground ones.  Other input comes from what we eat, how we handle stress, our habits, our faith  and many others.How do we keep our root system healthy and strong?  One way is to embrace our uniqueness.   God made us in his image, but he also gave us individuality.   No two persons have them same exact fingerprints or dna make up.  …

How available are you?

Are you a caterpillar waiting to turn into a butterfly?  I heard on the radio this morning, God isn't interested in your ability..he is interested in your availability.  That makes me think, how available am I to God?   Am I available to stop and take in the beauty he has created?  Am I available to stop and listen to him thru his word?  Am I available to be his hands and feet in my community?  Am I making myself available to feel his nudging and to step out of the boat to follow him without questions or complaints?  I believe I have room for improvement.  It would be hard to find anyone who doesn't.  Jesus as God's son is the only one who is perfect.  And at times, he asked God to take the pressure off of him as well.  He also asked his Heavenly Father to forgive us as we fall short of perfection.  So how can I make myself more available to God?  How will you make yourself more available?  What would this world be like if we all worked just a little harder to listen and f…

Ewww, what's that smell?

Well, last night was date night.  Simple enough, let's go to dinner and a movie.  We decided to park in the back of the theater so we could get out easier after the movie.  We enjoyed the latest Mission Impossible movie in comfy recliners.  Then we decided to go home.As we walked out of the building, past the dumpster...a skunk ran in front of us.  Yep, you guessed it....we scared him....and now we stink.Ugh, thanks to pinterest I have some ideas on how to get the smell out of us and the car, and the house.  I have never seen a skunk up close and personal that still had its stink sacs.  My first thought was oh look! A real skunk!  Then it was oh crap!Even with all these vinegar solutions and air freshneners, it's gonna take some time to air everything out.  At least the movie and dinner was good!

Hmmm...time for change?

Reflection time..ok maybe a little venting as well.  I am facing some health issues.   High cholesterol,  overweight....and the list goes on.  But ya know?  So are many people.  I need to address these issues immediately...however I am finding this is easier said than done.  I have been reading How Not To Die by Dr. Greger.  I also have been spending time on pinterest searching for ideas on what to eat.  So far, I feel better but no weight is going anywhere.  I know I have a long way to go.  Dr Greger promotes a plant based lifestyle.   One without white flour, processed food, added sugar or oil.  Lots of plant based foods, whole proteins  and raw foods.  What frustrates me the most is that my doctor wrote on my test results that had to join a certain diet group and lose weight immediately.   I don't feel that lifestyle is best for my health, and it's expensive.  Why does everyone thing there is only one way?  Why are doctors still "prescribing" lifestyles that are f…

Father's day

I was blessed to have my father in my life since I was born.  My children are blessed with the presence of their father.  However, not everyone can say the same.  More than 20 million children are growing up without their biological fathers in their lives.  This saddens me.  A parents role in their children's lives is to love, teach, nurture and model for their children.  In my opinion this is best done as a team.  Sometimes this has to be done by one parent alone,  but that is alot for one person to handle.  So, if your child doesn't have 2 parents in their life, don't panic.  Know that there are people to assist them.  It still takes a village to raise a child.  Good role models are important.  People who love children unconditionally.  Teach them morals, respect, good work ethic, and tell them of God's love for them.  This does not have to be a job of a could be teacher, a neighbor, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent.  Model these for the children of today…

3 months already?

Wowsa! Where has the time gone?  3 months ago you graced us with your arrival.  When your mommy told me she was pregnant, I was overjoyed!  I watched her grow and change as time went by as you grew inside of her.  She was nervous that she was not gonna be the mommy you needed.  She was wrong!  She is so patient and loving with you.  I love to watch her Interact with you. The smiles you bring to her face..Enough about your mommy, now about you.  When I first held you in my arms, I fell in love again.  I love to watch you sleep, I love your smile.  You started out soo little but are growing so much!  I am amazed everytime I see you.  Changing so quick! You are starting to interact with your world more and more every day.  I look forward to seeing you achieve your upcoming milestones.  I look forward to the days you will reach for me or crawl towards me when we are playing.  Bruce James you are my first grandchild and no matter how many siblings or cousins you have, you are the one that …