Clean out the fridge soup!

I have today off from school!  So what am I going to do with this free time?  Make soup!  One of the best things about eating a vegetarian plant based lifestyle is experiencing new foods!  I have noticed food tastes, smells and looks so much better since making the change over.  Hard to believe it's been almost a year!Today I am making what I call my clean out the fridge soup.  For my base I will use tomato juice.  Then I add whatever fresh veggies I have on hand...this time it was califlower, carrots and cucumber.  Next up protein...I had frozen black beans and a can of garbanzo beans.  Top off with a handful of rinsed quinoa and set on low.  I normally make this before going to work and leave on low all day, then I can just scoop and serve when I get home.  However today, I will be able to enjoy the smells of a homemade dinner while it simmers!!!

Snowy Sunday

Sunday so soon?  Wow where did the time go? This week was a busy one for me.  Three snow storms, a pedicure, school closures and my daughters baby shower.  Today is for me.  So what did I do?  First I napped.  Then, I got to work in the kitchen!First up,  juice.  Broke out the juicer and cleaned out the fridge.  Cucumber, celery, spinach, carrot, pear and green apple.  Should be a great pick me up for one morning this week!Next, I prepped fruit for the week.  Had some mangos and pineapple to cut up.  Hubby is bringing home strawberries later tonite.  All cut up and into single serve, easy to grab containers.  Love fresh fruit for snack.  It has quickly become my mindless eating go to.  Not being a raw veggie fan, it's better for me than junk food.Last up....dinner.  Tonite I chose a new recipe.  BBQ sweet potato  sandwhich!  Not something I would have come up with on my own.  Found on pinterest.  Now going to be part of my recipe book I am gathering.Here is the recipe:1 sweet pota…

I miss the crunch!

Anyone else miss the crunch of a potato chip?  I love potato chips but don't like the unhealthy version. So I am on a quest to replace my chips with a healthier version.  Tonite I tried to make some out of sweet potatos.  No oil, baked not fried.  It's gonna take some tweaking if I am making them for more than just me.  Ok, I burned most of them.  However, some survived and I had them for a snack.  Here is the recipe:
1 scrubbed and washed sweet potato.
WaterSlice the sweet potato thin (I used a mandolin )
Put them on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
Sprinkle with water
Salt and pepper to taste
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes
After 20 minutes, check them and flip them
Bake 20 more minutes.  Watch them!
Cool and store in air tight container If you have any leftover.

Whats for supper tonite? Potato soup

When I was growing up, potato soup was one of my favorite soups my mom would make.  So naturally it is one of the soups I make for my own family.  Ok so I try.  I never mastered her way of making soup. Her recipe had too many steps for me and my busy lifestyle. So over the years I have made a couple of different recipes for potato soup. Some my family enjoyed, some they tolerated, some they refused.  I finally discovered one that I could make that fit all the needs : like moms, easy and family approved.  Here is the recipe I use:
5 pounds of russet potatos cut into chunks (unpeeled)
1 medium yellow or white onion
10 cloves of minced garlic
64 ounces of veggie broth
16 ounces of cream cheese softenedPlace all but cream cheese into crockpot and cook til potatos are tender.  Approx 8 to 10 hours on lowThen add cream cheese and use immersion blender to incorporate the cheese and make the soup creamy.  You can leave some chunks.  I normally blend about 3/4 of the pot. Serve! Garnish as yo…

Sick day brings new ideas

It's Saturday afternoon and I am stuck on the couch with a bug.  Left work Thursday feeling like I  just wanted to crawl into bed and hibernate til march.  So now I am feeling a little better but not wanting to push it.  Options?  Binge watch netflix, read, stare at ceiling or explore podcasts.  I decided to explore podcasts.  Found a couple that interest me.  Revelation wellness, Dave Ramsey and Vegetarian Zen.  Ah. That's the one! Being a vegetarian is important for me, however I will tell you I struggle with variety and quickness.  So I tuned into Vegetarian Zen for a freezer cooking basics podcast.  Looking forward to see what I come up with. Maybe my family with enjoy them too? Next up, a pinterest exploration for ideas!!

Life changes and new things

I started a little under a year ago making changes to my eating habits.  I was feeling overwhelmed, irritable, exhausted, couldn't shake a cough and had lots of joint pain.  Doctor ran tests to rule out things like blood clots and pnemonia.  So I started reading and watching videos.  I decided to cut animal products out of my eating habits. Cold turkey. No gradual transition.   I also cut most animal dairy products as well.  I focused on eating fruit, vegetables and grains.  Yes, some items are harder to replace than others.  I have learned alot over the past year. I have alot to still learn.  I have not lost a ton of weight. May have even gained a few at times.  However, my body doesn't ache, I am sleeping better and I am must healthier which to me is better than losing weight! At least in the beginningMy loving husband did not make the changes I have. That is ok. I didn't make it for moral reasons, I did it for me. I won't force my choices on anyone.  So I was very s…

Welcome back!!!

Welcome to A Momma's Love! 

I took a hiatus from blogging, but I am back!  My goal for this blog is to show my lifes journey of food, crafting, family and spirituality.  Join me on this journey. 
See you soon!